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Preferred Care at Absecon, a highly skilled nursing and rehabilitation center, is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Setting the standard in providing high quality care, Preferred Care offers Long Term Care, Sub-Acute and Rehabilitative Services, as well as a Center for Alzheimer’s and Behavioral Services, known as Byron Hall.

At the cusp of cutting-edge medicine and therapy, Preferred Care at Absecon's signature level of care and attention to the individual needs of patients fosters their overall wellbeing and optimizes their recovery.

Preferred Care at Absecon implements specialized programs that meet our patients’ specific healthcare needs. Delivering subacute care for the younger short-term patient in luxurious dedicated wings where no expense is spared, Preferred Care at Absecon ensures that the rehabilitation experience is as comfortable and swift as possible.

Thank you for considering Preferred Care at Absecon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. You can be confident of our commitment to exceptional personal care.



To all of you,

Thank you for taking care of all Charlie’s needs. He loved being in Room 229 where he saw everyone coming and going and saying “good morning” or “good night”, and being near the window with the sun coming in. You picked the perfect residents to share the room with him; he liked all of them. I would joke with “are you the President of this place”, and he would laugh. You’re all the best!

We can’t begin to Thank You enough for the care and support given our Mom “Betty” and our families, by all of you. I know she could be a handful sometimes, be it taking her medicine, getting changed, or showered, but in the end she gave you a smile. It was such an adjustment for her but through it all she did adjust, with all your help. I hope when you see or hear Rod Stewart you will think of her with a big smile and tapping foot/hand. You are all very special.

Dear Preferred Care at Absecon Staff,

On behalf of the families of the late MBC, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done to make our mother’s last few months on earth comfortable. We are aware that this is your job, but we have felt, since day one, that the staff has done so much more than just their job. Of the many things that are in a job description love and care are not written. Anyone who has walked through the halls can feel the love and caring that the employees have for the residents. It was very comforting to us to know that she was loved and well taken care of.

Your caring was evident when mom would come down to the nurses’ station and the staff would try to comfort her when all she would do is cry. You would call us so that we could try to calm her down and put her mind at ease. When she would go to the hospital we were constantly asked how she was doing, and when would she be back. The staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

She often would tell us that the staff would come into her room, and speak with her, attend to her needs, help comfort her, and spend a little time with her. The staff in the cafeteria were equally as helpful and caring addressing our mom’s needs.

We are hard pressed to find words that convey just how important you all have been to us. It was very reassuring to us to know that she was safe, comfortable, and loved. Form the bottom of our hearts, our families want to thank you for all that you did for our mother during her last few months on earth. We are sure that she is watching over all of you with quiet respect.

Dear Ms. Blount,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you and Jeannie for your professionalism and assistance during this unexpected experience.   As you are aware, Edmund was an independent 89 year old who walked daily until his unfortunate assault robbed him of not only the cash he had in his pocket, but the independence he treasured.  The team at Preferred Care has not only “healed his physical wounds” but have helped his mind transition to needing an Assisted Living environment.  I thank you for the referral to WoodView Estates, I think Edmund will be very comfortable and happy there.  Once again, I thank you and Jeannie and the entire Preferred Care team.  Sincerely,Veronica Allizzo

My dad was a patient recently at Preferred Care at Absecon.  He was there fore three weeks for rehabilitation.  While he was there he received physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  The entire family was very pleased with the therapy and nursing care he received.  Also, the Case Manager / Social Worker was very attentive.  She kept our family informed and arranged for us to meet weekly with the various nurses, therapists and caregivers.  Overall, dad received excellent care.  Thank you.  Sincerely, Robin Dennis

My mother, Iris was at Preferred Care from 06-04-18 and is being discharged today, 06/30/18 to home.  Her care was tremendous.  The therapy staff worked with her and she’s going home stronger.  Her case manager was able to find another home care agency to  come to her home after her previous agency did not come to home due to her residence location.  Thanks you, Preferred Care Staff.  Nicole Coheman (daughter of Iris Collins)

Hi Pat,

Thank you for help and support.  I hope you are feeling better now!  You are one of Preferred Care’s shining stars – informed, kind and empathetic.  What else could we need?  Take good care of yourself.  Theresa

Thanks you so much for everything! Carol Petett

I liked Preferred Care at Absecon and if I had to come to a facility, I would come here.  Staff was beautiful.  Sarah Purnell

Dear Preferred Care Staff:

Thank you for making a hard time easier.  You are helping my dad so much as well as my sister & me!  Thank you & God bless.  Family of Bill Dabbs – Karen and Diane

Hi Pat,

I just want to take a moment to thank you and commend you for the outstanding personal customer care that you provided during my sister’s (Laurie Wessell) stay at the Preferred Care at Absecon Rehab Facility.  During her four weeks there – through July 26th – your personal attention to her well-being and proactive engagement with her insurance provider was nothing short of exceptional.  I really appreciate the number of times that you called me to provide an update on Laurie’s progress and to keep me informed of the status of discussions with her insurer to extend her stay week by week.  I believe that your attention to detail was not only to assure that Laurie’s health needs were being addressed but you took personal ownership of the process.  I can tell that you are a person of integrity and you should wear that badge proudly.  Whenever you promised to call me or arrange for me to talk with Laurie’s nurse and/or therapists, you always followed through.  You were always on top of Laurie’s situation and I am so grateful for the care and attention that you provided during Laurie’s stay.  May God bless you and keep you.  Sincerely, Joe Moore

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Andrea Punch.  At the end of July, after a long hospital stay, approx. a month, it was recommended to me, by my medical team, to fist to go to physical therapy for a short stay before returning home.  As I had spent the better part of three years in a nursing home / physical therapy and had been placed in an assisted living in Atlantic City, June 1st.  The last thing on earth I wanted was to go to another N.H. / P.T. after only being in my new home 20 days.  I had traumatizing experiences in facility’s back home in Camden County and was very worried, especially since I know nobody and have no support system here.  But, I had just went through a brain biopsy to rule out brain cancer when they found unidentifiable lesions on my head MRI.  I was also going through kidney failure.  It turned out not to be cancer, thank the Lord, but I was instead diagnosed with MS which is still very challenging.  It was obvious that I would need help getting back my strength, as limited as it is, I was sent to another facility and after only spending 24 hours there, my experience had been so horrible that I demanded to be transferred some place else.  I was terrified but ended up in this place.  While the room was very small and the standard bed is nothing but an electric cot, they and to order me a regular or normal sized bed and it was done without question and in a timely manner, this place is still 100% better in every way than where I had just come.  Every staff member calmed my fears and anxiety and went out of their way to provide me anything I needed.  A lot of times it was a sympathetic ear and I never felt I was asking too much from anyone.  Emotional support is just as important, if not more so than medical needs.  I would also like to mention the quality of the food.  Most places I have been, the food was deplorable!  The food here is comparable to my own cooking and 9 times out of 10 was very enjoyable.  I have met several people I consider friends and would like to stay in touch with.  To mention a few who you are blessed to have are Nurses: Vikki, Theressa, Michelle, Kathy, Edwin, Calongie; PT: Anne, Crissy are who I worked with but the entire PT staff were/are top notch.  Aides: Jenn, Nancy, Dawn, and many others whose names escape me, but I will never forget them.  And a very special shout out goes to my Social worker, Pat Blount, who absolutely went above and beyond to ensure I would safely be able to return home, including going to my home with another Social Worker, Sarah to retry SSD checks and other paperwork.  She also escorted my to my bank twice and to the DMV to get a new ID.  She was invaluable to me and I adore her!  Also, I forget her title but a lovely woman named, Christine, went out of her way for me as well.  Plus, my doctor, Dr. Dasondi, is awesome.  Wonderful bedside manner, very knowledgeable, kind, considerate and caring, explains everything clearly.  I wish there was way for him to be my PCP outside.  If I ever need these services again, I won’t think twice of returning.  Thank ya’ll so much fro caring for me.  God bless you all.  Sincerely, Andrea L Punch

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